Monday, April 26, 2010

My first step


Recently I decided to take a client to the cloud!

The client did not have reliable server space at their location (which was continuously causing problems) and we were having issues integrating their data with their partners. So we decided to move to the cloud.

Being a Microsoft shop the obvious choice was Azure.

What wasn't so obvious was some of the turbulence that we were going to hit (and continue to hit) on our journey cloudward.

So here I am typing my words into the ether, resigned to the fact they they may never be read by another human being. But with the hopes that I will be able to help at least one person navigate the journey and avoid some of the pitfalls that I encountered.

I am a programmer/developer/architect (about as far from an administrator as possible) so things should be taken from that perspective.

I will start with the issues I encounter as they arise an then get back to the first challenges when I have time. So this may not be in chronological order. Sorry no road map here. But I do hope that it will help with particular details.

I will covers issues relating to Azure (right now sql azure then on to the other offerings), SQL when applicable and the Sync Framework, which I now use for so much more but I originally discovered it while trying to migrate my data to azure.

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