Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to get your data into (and out of) SQL Azure


Most applications that will be hosting their data in SQL Azure at this point, will be applications that are being ported from other other databases. Particularly SQL Server 2008 that has been hosted on premises.

So how do you get the data from your local SQL to SQL Azure?

What you'll find out from the various sources on the net is that you have many options. I will try writing a blog post about each one. If I missed any, please let me know.
  • Write code.
    I'll post some samples.
  • Write code to use the BCP utility.
    The sql azure team have instructions on their blog
  • Write BCP API code.
    Most of us are more comfortable with C# than with batch files. So automating a transfer would be more natural for us with an api.
  • Use the "SQL Azure Migration tool"
    Download it here. It uses bcp internally & it is open source hosted on codeplex. so we can tweak it to do whatever we need. Currently a migration can not be saved and/or repeated. However, it is open source, so maybe one of us can add that functionality.
  • Use the Microsoft Sync Framework with its new Azure capabilities

  • Use SSIS - Sql Server Migration Services
    Not available in SQLExpress so I will not write about it.

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